About MyContainers

Toolbar Functions

  • Home - Shows the root container and its contents
  • Hierarchy - Shows a list with the current item, the current item's container, its container, and so on, up to the root container
  • Bookmarks - Saves a reference to items for future quick recall
  • Search - Find all items whose name contains or begins with a given search string
  • Action - Move or Copy an item from one container to another container with or without its contents
  • Scan - Scans a MyContainers QR code from a previously printed Item identification label or Container inventory sheet and navigates directly to the Item in the database.
  • More - Prints labels and sheets and selects the AirPrint printers for labels or sheets.

Database Configuration Settings

  • Create custom attributes and attribute groups useable for all items and containers
  • Manage a list of default attributes for all newly created items
  • Create custom categories and manage a list of default attributes for each category
  • Display a list of all currently supported attribute value types
  • Create custom lists of related types (a.k.a. enumerated types)
  • Create custom lists of related numeric attribute unit types

General Program Settings

  • Optionally automatically resize photos to a size more convenient for most iOS devices
  • Optionally compress photos in order to conserve storage space

Manage Database Storage

  • Backup (i.e. exports) the complete hierarchy of containers and items, along with all custom attribute definitions, to a backup package file that is made available in iTunes Application File Sharing area.
  • Restore (i.e. Imports) the complete container/item hierarchy along with all custom attribute definitions from a previously created backup package file in the iTunes Application File Sharing area.
  • Delete the complete container/item hierarchy and/or all custom attribute definitions from the database.
  • Load Sample Data - Loads all of the sample items, attributes, and database configuration into the current database.
  • Email Database Backup - Sends the backup package file to an eMail user for offline backup storage.

Program Info

  • Several episodes of introductory and advanced YouTube Video Tutorials
  • E-mail support for questions, problems, compliments, or suggestions